This post is the last part of a 4 part series about consumer privacy, data security and what this means to your reputation.

Over the last three posts, I’ve shared ways to better understand and guard your data, privacy, and online reputation. Learning how to establish your reputation without revealing too much private information can be extremely challenging since there are so many digital places, social tools and conversations you can engage in online. The main way to get a handle on how you “show up” online is to be mindful of what you can control:  what you say and do.

I’ve highlighted some of these key points below so that you and your organization (business) can remain aware of the promise and pitfalls of digital communications.

Reputation Rules for Success

  1. Strive to be authentic instead of presenting yourself as if you are perfect or free of flaws. Those who sit on a pedestal get whacked pretty hard online by others who believe they have been misled by hidden imperfections or omissions.
  2. Control your emotions or they will control you. When you manage your emotions you can think clearer which will help you make better decisions online.
  3. Don’t just speak it – be it. Make sure your words match your actions and make sure your actions reflect your character. How you present yourself – how you position yourself matters.
  4. Do not make false claims. Misleading or lying online will come back to haunt you and you don’t want to be the focus of digital outrage.
  5. Do your best to deliver goods and services as promised.
  6. Take personal and professional inventory. Deal with (remove, replace or revive) anything that is prickly (problematic) that relates to your online reputation.
  7. Show your character by participating in and sharing information about topics that lift people up out of their circumstances rather than being self-centered or pessimistic.
  8. Rise above the fray. Do not concern yourself or waste your time debating issues or engaging in conversations that may diminish who you are. Choose your battles wisely.
  9. If you are in the public eye, remember to present your best self always. There are people out there waiting to see you slip up or lose your competitive edge.
  10. Be mindful of the company you keep online and offline. Ask yourself: What conversations do you engage in? You should also know why you are attracted to these types of conversations. Do you tend to focus on tearing others down or lifting others up? 

There are some moments that define your life. If any of troubling moments are captured and placed online, you and your organization will need to brace yourself for the public relations nightmare which is sure come. If you are serious about preventing your reputation from being tracked or you want to be sure a data breach doesn’t wreck your reputation be sure to learn more about The Federal Trade Commission Consumer Privacy Report which impacts online communications.

These hyper connected times gives you very little room for error… which means how you behave or misbehave online is terribly important. Everyone that goes online must learn how to exercise their digital freedoms without leaving messy digital footprints behind …unless you want to keep looking over your shoulder.

What are your thoughts?




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