Have you ever noticed certain things rub you the wrong way?

If specific things people say or do royally tick you off before you pounce, pay close attention to how you feel and why you feel inclined to respond.

Whoopi Goldberg once famously said:

“I don’t have pet peeves; I have whole kennels of irritation”.

Irritating or not, allowing pet peeves to knock you off course creates serious problems for your professional and personal life, especially if you lose control of your emotions over and over again.

Problematic personalities, annoying experiences and unexpected troubles are all around us, all the time.

In the end, professionals should be aware of what irks them so they can be better prepared to respond, if they respond at all. Otherwise, if you allow the things that bother you to suck you in to an emotional whirlwind, you may become overly defensive and completely miss an opportunity to handle the issues before you with tact and professionalism.

Facing Digital Pet Peeves

The best way to manage a digital pet peeve is to know it, understand it and prepare to face it without drama. Once you know which digital pet peeves are real for you, you can begin working on ways to effectively deal with them, as you keep your reputation intact. Check out the twenty items below to see if any of these digital pet peeves ring a bell for you.

  1. Free eBook downloads that ask for more than an email address or too much background info
  2. Social web and social network bullies
  3. “Isms” on fire online (e.g., sexism, racism)
  4.  Text messages received in the wee morning hours
  5. Cursing when other descriptive words would do
  6. Sharing too much information on social networks
  7. “Free” apps, goods and online tools that have hidden costs
  8. Mobile apps that have multiple mobile ads
  9. Mobile push ads that pop up in your smartphone’s notification bar
  10. Mobile apps that are not upgraded or abandoned  by their developer
  11. Receiving numerous emails (daily/weekly) from a website or organization
  12. Random text messages sent to your smartphone or mobile device
  13. Social media rants that go on and on and on…
  14. Unattractive photos tagged on Facebook or shared on other social networks
  15. Confused, egotistical or arrogant webinars, hosts & speakers
  16. Forwarded chain emails with massive cc attached
  17. People talking way too loud on their mobile phone
  18. Mobile apps that can’t be moved once downloaded or updated
  19. Mobile apps that can’t be moved to an SD card
  20. Digital content curated to cause a negative, counterproductive stir /response (e.g., videos, blog posts)

For Goodness & For Business

Organizations benefit from actively working to equip employees with life skills and skills sets which enable employees to be less distracted at work and therefore, more productive. When an organization provides employees with new opportunities to reach their personal best, it shows employees they’re cared for above and beyond the roles they play at work.

It is better for organizational leaders to be aware of everything that could potentially cause employees to lose their focus and become less effective while at work. While a digital issue such as this, can be overlooked, it remains a powerful opportunity to provide ongoing training that teaches employees how to handle different digital perspectives as they learn to navigate emerging challenges in digital times.

Once you’re aware of the things that bother you, you can be properly prepared to deal with them when they occur. Personal and professional hang ups don’t have to get in the way of your professional progress. Find a way to make digital pet peeves work for you!

What are your digital pet peeves?

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