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We’ve Been Bitten!

Yikes, it looks like Trackur has been hacked… …by a rather mischievous vampire named Count Trackula. In addition to changing the Trackur logo, he’s also taken over the Trackur Twitter account! And if that’s not enough, he’s trying to put us out of business by offering our Plus plan for just $31 for anyone that signs up today. Simply sign-up for our Plus plan and you’ll pay just $31 for your first month (send an email to help AT after sign-up, to get the price adjustment). I know it’s Halloween, but I hope Trackula doesn’t stick around too long. Still, it

Local Business Helps Ward Off Zombie Attacks

Are you concerned about being ready to take on a Zombie Apocalypse?  One hardware store has you covered!  Westlake Ace Hardware in Lenexa, Kansas shows no prejudices, offering supplies for both the living and the living dead.  Need zombie defense items?  No problem, they’ve got you covered!  Already moved to the land of the undead?  That’s okay too!  There’s a whole section on bodily repairs and delaying the decay, complete with handy FAQ section! Now, we know you’re wondering…  “How on earth did this store know that people and zombies alike were in need of such supplies during the spooktacular

Trackur Makes Google+ Monitoring Affordable

While Trackur may not be technically the very first social media monitoring tool to add Google+ monitoring, we are the first to make it available at such a low price! Yeppers, starting today, all paid plans will now have Google+ monitoring available to users. With our plans starting at just $18, we are by far one of the most affordable ways to monitor Google+. You’ll find Google+ listed in your “Selected Sources” in your Advanced Search Options. You should find that we have activated it for all existing saved searches, so there is nothing you need to do. Should you

Google’s Reputation Given the Middle Finger

Here at Trackur, we’re constantly reminding companies that their employees are an extension of their brand. Their actions reflect on the company’s reputation. So, it was to my horror to see this tweet from @travisoliver and accompanying photo: Google’s Street View program is already unpopular in many places around the world, so you’d think Google would have trained its drivers to be extra courteous and considerate, right? Let this be a warning that you should be monitoring your employees actions across all channels. You never know when one of them will give your reputation “the bird.” Hat-tip @gatewood5000

All You Really Need to Know About Business You Learned in Kindergarten

Remember those days that seemed so simple?  They set the foundation for everything you ever needed to know about successful customer service, reputation management, and business relationships.  Forget all of that PhD level education and get back to basics, they’re the foundation for every successful business interaction you’ll ever have. Learn to share.  Sharing is important.  Information, news, ideas, and stories are flying around online at warp speed.  If you want your information to get out there, share it with others.  Share others’ information as well – this will create a sense of goodwill, and make them more likely to