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Don’t Wake the Bear! Avoiding a Reputation Attack

The adage “all publicity is good publicity” no longer applies in the digital age. While negative publicity has been shown to help raise product awareness, only the most daring soul would volunteer to be raked over the coals online. Call it what you will – online publicity, digital PR, media outreach, social media publicity or celebrity seeding – most of us don’t want to find ourselves on the wrong side of public opinion – not when social media effortlessly amplifies negative experiences & feedback. While some brands fail to connect social media to commercials, others seek out ways to get

Oprah’s Master Class Can Help You Be At Your Digital Best

Improving your online reputation involves paying close attention to more than what you say. How you set up your online profile(s), who you associate with, and how you engage in conversations will give internet users a chance to observe how you express yourself online. Say one of your social media profiles says you are a vegeteranian (vegan) but you constantly talk about eating fish, chicken, beef or pork  or others foods true vegans would never eat –  you will  look suspect… if not seriously deceptive. Who you said you were and what you actually have done has told a different

Why Being Too Harsh On Others Hurts Your Own Reputation

I’m sure you can easily think of numerous examples of how technological advances have changed how you share information.  Digital communications like email, social media and blogging give you a means to share whatever you wish (free of charge) – and therein lies the problem. The freedom to share freely, openly and instantly in online conversations can lead some to give their two cents  and even comment, criticize or debase others without regard to how the problem’s associated with pointing the finger. Smart phone owners of all ages readily admit the unexplainable allure and possible addiction to spending more and

Remembering Whitney Houston

I was reading when I heard a text message arrive. As I started to read the text, my eyes locked on three words -“Whitney Houston died.”  I thought… this MUST be a hoax – so I moved over to the computer to run a quick Google Search but sadly, the text was correct. Speechless, I stood still as the tears started to flow (avid fan). Oh, how I hoped the media and social web would remember Whitney Houston respectfully and not turn such a tremendous loss into a media and social media circus. Character Matters Within minutes of news breaking

Are Toxic Words Ruining Your Online Reputation?

Just one look at the eyes of the child in the picture below and you immediately sense the debilitating effect negative words can have. The stream of toxic words gripping his neck not only holds him prisoner; they seem to suppress his spirit, effectively changing who he might become. A similar stranglehold presents itself when someone struggles to overcome a bad reputation. The childhood rhyme “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”- is an absolute lie. The truth is… some words hurt. Toxic words are debilitating and some cut far deeper than any knife

The Biggest Reputation Truth Susan G. Komen Overlooked

Politics to the side, the management at Susan G. Komen Foundation overlooked a powerful, yet simple truth: Donors give for reasons beyond the dollar sign. Giving is rarely – ever – only about money.  Giving is a compassionate act of kindness. In fact, in most cases, giving is stimulated by something other than money. For instance, a donor may want to keep precious memories of a loved one alive by supporting a cause (e.g., Breast Cancer Research or Women’s Health) important to their loved one. In its purist form, giving represents a humanitarian response focused on ending (human) suffering while

Sham Reviews Put Irish Hotel Group in the Spotlight

Ireland’s popular Carlton Hotel Group has gotten itself quite a bit of attention lately, although it may not be the attention they were looking for.  An email sent to more than 25 employees at the luxury hotel chain suggested employees take a “more proactive management of the reviews on TripAdvisor”.   The email was sent by Jean O’Connell, the company’s sales and marketing manager.  She requested that each of the managers emailed take the time to choose five employees  from their respective hotels and have them post fabricated reviews.  The note suggested that managers instruct their employees to post the reviews

Announcing 10-day Free Trials on ALL Paid Trackur Plans

We’ve always offered a 10-day moneyback guarantee on all paid Trackur plans, but we’ve just made it even easier for you to test out one of Trackur’s many affordable paid plans. Starting today this very minute, you can enjoy a 10-day free trial on any paid social media monitoring plan. Yes, that even includes test driving our white-labeled, awesometastic Ultimate plan! You’ll set up a PayPal subscription, but as long as you cancel anytime in the first 10 days, you won’t get billed a single penny! How cool is that? And, we’ve also made it easier for you to upgrade,

What Digital Footprints Are You Leaving Behind?

Let’s face it – every time you think you’ve seen the best the social web has to offer, some new social platform gives you something tantalizing to explore. And explore you do – leaving your digital footprints – the good, the bad and the ugly – all over the social web, for all the always on world to see. While you have the right to express your digital freedoms however you wish, (please) understand it isn’t possible to opt – out of or escape your digital responsibilities- unless, of course, your account is hacked into). It’s really as simple as

When a Hashtag Becomes a Bashtag

Last week we talked about McDonald’s coming under fire during a hashtag promotion gone wrong.  The #McDStories hashtag fiasco wasn’t the first time a well-meaning promotion was hijacked and turned into humiliation, and it certainly won’t be the last.  Shortly after #McDStories went awry, Blackberry parent company RIM experienced the same embarrassment when their #BeBold promotion became a joke in the Twitterverse. How do seemingly great ideas turn into disasters?  Although it can happen quickly, companies should not be afraid to host promotions on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.  A bit of due diligence and planning can go a long