iStock_000006187283XSmallWhen businesses get started, senior executives often spend time determining what type of culture they want to create. The people hired take part in creating culture and culture can influence nearly every aspect of your business. A new hire could be chosen due to a better “cultural fit” when qualifications are similar. Culture can also influence the efficiency of a sales team when a certain pace is established. Furthermore, culture impacts how your brand is perceived, online and offline. While it may be the employees as a whole who create culture, your brand reputation is determined by customers and clients. Believe it or not, culture impacts your brand reputation and it’s worth paying attention to just how it does that.

Culture’s Impact on Brand Reputation Online

It’s rare for job seekers to walk into an office looking for employment in today’s society. It’s also unlikely that a customer will buy from a company that has a reputation of poor customer service or products that don’t last. Your brand reputation online can affect the actions of those who apply for a job online, read Yelp and other review sites. While the design of your business website, logos and motto are part of branding, they aren’t your brand reputation. Your brand is your culture and how outsiders view your company.Your culture impacts your brand reputation online in a number of ways.

  • Your people and the culture they create are a key component of your brand. Advertising only goes so far and culture can pick up where ads leave off. With information just one search away, when campaigns fail, your culture can be the pick-me-up of your business online. Whether you give back, treat employees really well, or both, build a good culture and see the discussion of it, and therefore your brand, online.
  • Aside from online discussions, culture can impact your brand online every time someone visits your site. While external discussions of your brand’s reputation and great culture are beneficial, the ultimate goal is getting customers to your site to make a purchase. Customers won’t want to support a company known for bad service or a poor work environment. Whether it as an employee or charity you’ve just worked with, good brand reputation can drive online sales, just as a poor brand reputation will deter them.

Culture’s Impact on Brand Reputation Offline

Your employees should be your biggest advocate. Your company culture affects your brand reputation every time one of your staff members discusses their workplace. Whether they are at a coffee shop, bar or a sports league, your employees, who ultimately create the culture of your business, are the key players in determining how culture impacts your brand reputation. A great culture creates happy employees, drives customer loyalty and leads to a profitable business.

  • If an employee likes where they work, they’re going to talk about it and recommend your business to others. Having employees and those who visit your office talk about culture impacts your brand reputation. People trust word-of-mouth recommendations more than online reviews and ads, so offline discussions about your culture and your business are going to have an impact on your brand reputation.
  • A great culture impacts your brand reputation in more than a few ways. Just as online discussions about your culture, and your brand reputation, can impact a job seekers decision, offline discussions can too. Applicants won’t be interested in a company who doesn’t treat employees well, give back or has a bad brand reputation. Your culture builds your brand reputation so as candidates enter your office, businesses need to make sure both are up to par so that you recruit the best, or at least leave a positive and lasting impression of your business.

Brand and culture become more and more similar as time goes by. As people begin to think about the values of the companies they work for and what their working environment will be day-in and day-out, the culture of a business is taken into account when it comes to applying to or accepting a job. Your brand is how others perceive your business and culture plays a big role by either creating a brand reputation of high or low quality. Businesses need to pay attention to culture as it plays a big role in brand reputation, online and offline.


Erica Bell is a small business writer who focuses on topics such as outsourced hiring firms and HR software solutions. She is a web content writer for

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