Why Trackur is a better alternative vs

Compare the value of Trackur vs

50 saved searches vs just 5 basic alerts with

Unlimited mentions vs Mention’s plan limited to only 5,000 results

Data export included vs Mention’s plan doesn’t allow data exports

Historical data included vs no historical data with

Automated PDF reports vs no reports allowed with Mention’s plan

$97 per month vs Mention’s $99 per month



Executive Insights

Analytics let you quickly check the health of your brand.

Quickly see the number of new mentions, velocity change, share of voice and much more with Trackur’s Insights.

Understand what’s buzzing about your brand, without rolling-up your sleeves.


Data Your Way

Multiple ways to get your social media monitoring mentions.

Trackur provides you with easy Excel exporting; or get results on the fly with our RSS/XML feeds and email alerts.


Clarity in Results

See everything there is to know about your brand.

Quickly see who’s talking about your company, executives, products, employees, competitors and more!

Want to dig deeper? Every mention of your brand is archived, complete with resources for viewing the original article, sharing with co-workers, or bookmarking for follow-up.

Influence & Sentiment Analysis

Automated sentiment and influence scoring.

Don’t just see the conversation about your brand, see who’s behind the conversation with Trackur’s proprietary InfluenceRank dashboards.

Each mention is automatically scored positive, negative, or neutral, and we show you the influence of each person discussing your brand.


White Label Branding

Get a fully customizable dashboard with our Ultimate plan.

Your URL, your logo, and your colors ensure your Trackur dashboard is fully white-labeled.

Offer social media monitoring to your own clients for one low monthly rate!
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Outstanding Coverage

The broadest social media monitoring in the industry!

Hundreds of millions of sources are monitored including, news, blogs, reviews, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, forums and much more!

Target mentions by country and with our Custom Feeds, you can upload the RSS feed of any web site and monitor it for your chosen keywords.