senfluence-launchWe’ve long offered APIs for our social media monitoring, but with today’s launch of Senfluence, we’re expanding our offering of “big data” APIs.

Senfluence–think sentiment+influence–will allow us to offer a broader range of API services and also keep our Trackur dashboard plans separated from our developer options. With the launch, we’re adding our Lite Media Monitoring plan, which gets you our social media monitoring data for just $470 a month. We also have a bootstrapped version for start-ups that starts at just $270!

There’s also our Sentiment & Influence Analysis API–which we’re dropping in price to just $370 a month. This allows you to submit a keyword and URL and we’ll return granular sentiment and influence scores. If you shop around, you’ll see just how affordable this API really is. In addition, it supports 13 languages AND analyzes sentiment to the sentence level, not the less useful document level.

Lastly, this launch allows us to look at what other APIs we can offer that don’t mesh up with our traditional Trackur services. For example, we plan to launch a content extraction API that will allow you to take any web page and turn it into structured data (title, author, text, date, etc).

If you run any kind of software or online tool, then check out what we have to offer. Adding either social media monitoring or sentiment/influence analysis is now affordable for any size company.

Check out Senfluence.

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