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Sovereign's Mom, MBA, Business Strategist, Organization & Management PhD student, Inbound Marketing Professional. Always learning something new about social media, internet safety, digital privacy, reputation management, emotional intelligence, and disruptive innovations. Connect with me on Twitter: @CorettaJackson or

Big Data, data scientists & the future of ORM

There is so much data all around us. So much data that sometimes you may not see everything you need to see in order to make informed business decisions. Learning to coexist with big data is as important as understanding the importance of using social media for business and monitoring online conversations about the brands, people or topics that are important to you. Professionals want to be successful at whatever they pursue, but that’s not easy to do when you don’t have the information you need or if you don’t understand how to interpret this data for your organization, or for

Putting the “smart” in your business’s mobile reputation

Did you know that 3 out of 4 smartphone users have used the mobile browsers on their smartphones to connect with businesses online? Well, it’s true! Just look around you at any given time, as you go about your day and count the number of people preoccupied with their smartphone. Today’s smartphones are much, much more than the cell phones of yesterday and the technologies that make the mobile experience so addictive are becoming more advanced. Mobile is where your business needs to be. Every business should be online because that’s where customers and potential customers spend their time. Consumers are

Did Google dodge an FTC reputation bullet?

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced it successfully resolved and closed the antitrust investigation into the business practices of Google, the internet search leader. What looks like a solid victory for Google has left some of Google’s competitors stunned or at odds with the FTC’s findings. Those who expected or yearned for the antitrust gavel to come down against Google were troubled by Google’s ability to escape the FTC’s antitrust investigation without much harm to its reputation and without being hit with a hefty fine. Antitrust 101 Since the entire antitrust investigation hinges on antitrust laws and their application, a clear understanding of anti-trust law

This year, resolve to refresh your online reputation

Last year is behind you and before you is a brand new year – a new chance to do something different. It’s time to refresh yourself. Time to go beyond simply updating a bio or online profile. This is a great time to take inventory (check your soil) and plant new seeds (create new ways to flourish) in 2013. Remember, the little white lies you tell yourself have a way off accumulating and coming back on your reputation with a vengeance. The Merriam Webster dictionary defines refresh as: to restore, to update or renew. As you consider refreshing the way

Instagram Loses Focus of Its Reputation

Instagram, a wildly popular photo sharing App for iPhone and Android smartphones made some changes to their Privacy Policy and Terms of Service earlier this week that inadvertently kicked off a reputation implosion. In a nutshell, under the proposed changes to Instagram’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, Instagram would be able to sell/use users’ pictures in advertisements and any images uploaded to Instagram would no longer be owned by users. Instagram users were completely caught off guard by these proposed changes. Within hours streams of conversations were flowing heavily on social media networks which encouraged others to delete their

11 Tips to Prepare Your Reputation for 2013

Where did 2012 go? Time sure flies when you’re preoccupied online. The remaining days of 2012 are a great time to revisit online reputation management basics and give some serious thought to how you want to brand yourself vs. where your Web presence currently stands. It’s time to take your digital pulse. Professionals want to be taken seriously in print, in person and on the Web. At a minimum, to be perceived as a professional, you must behave in a professional way, be mindful of how you identify or define yourself online and you must be in control of your

10 Lessons Apple (and You) Can Learn from Google’s iOS Map App Success

Google Maps for iOS  was released yesterday to the delight of many iPhone owners. All around the Web, iPhone owners rejoiced, even raved about the new and improved Google Maps built by Google specifically for iOS. Mobile Apps make life easier when designed with the end user in mind and when tested and released with care. Google announced that Google Maps App was refreshed and back in the App Store and ready to be downloaded. Google Maps App description boasted Google Maps users will “get comprehensive, accurate and easy-to-use maps with built-in Google local search, voice guided turn-by-turn navigation, public

How Co-branding Can Make Two Reputations Better than One

Bringing two or more brands together, under one umbrella, for a mutual purpose, requires each brand has a healthy respect for each other’s reputation. Co-branding is a strategic partnership between professionals (personal brand) or organizations (products, services or programs) that recognize the value of leveraging each other’s reputation to amplify awareness about a product, service, event or cause. Co-branding provides opportunities to speak to audiences in new ways and connect to new audiences using relevant, share-worthy information that creates positive impressions about the brands involved. When it comes to co-branding, or cross platform marketing, participating brands must extend their core

Caring About Your Reputation Means Caring About Your Employees

There are moments when organizational challenges take a back seat and heart to heart conversations take the lead. Moments when the business of business is put on hold to appreciate all the hard work and accomplishments made over a certain period of time. Moments when something happens to confirm your work and diligence are deeply appreciated. I’m talking meaningful connections – the type that run far deeper and last much longer than a paycheck high. Contrary to time management myths, there is enough time for business leaders to get to know workers within their organization whose actions keep their organization

For Your Online Reputation, It’s Better to Give, Than Deceive

Holidays come and holidays go, but those precious memories created during this time of year as a result of acts of kindness rarely fade away. Meaningful connections made during the holidays can live well past Christmas and New Year’s, if you manage to remain untouched by controversy. On the other hand, if you present yourself to the world in a crude way or if you act Grinch or Scrooge like during this holiday season, you should expect negative chatter will follow and put a mighty drain on your online reputation. Since Tis the season to be jolly, move through this