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Erin Jones is the Director of Community Relations for Trackur. A lover of travel, photography, and all things Social.

How your own customer service can destroy your reputation

As I was scrolling through my Facebook news feed this afternoon, I stumbled upon a status update that stopped me in my tracks.  A friend had shared the status of another friend.  A status update that instantly made me furious: So Scentsy sends me an email that says they are canceling my account due to inactivity but I could reply with the reason that I haven’t been as active with my sales and they might reinstate my account, so I did, explained to them that this year I have been battling Breast Cancer etc.., guess what the response was, “sorry but

Kenneth Cole steps in it again with insensitive Tweet

Apparently, the folks in charge of Kenneth Cole’s Twitter account haven’t learned much from their last go-round of reputation damaging social media humiliation, because they’ve done it again!  A Tweet that went out earlier yesterday encouraged shoppers to disregard the current issues in Syria and get out and buy some new shoes.  Because up to date footwear is much more important than the issue of silly war!   It didn’t take long for outraged followers to start commenting in droves, letting the brand know in no uncertain terms that mocking war to promote fashion is not a great way to

Is Donald Trump selling reputation-based educations?

It turns out, attending Donald Trump University might not be the best use of your education dollars.  Calling what appears to be more of a money making scheme a university might not be the best way to make money.  Easy money, for a while, but this venture may end up costing the business magnate more than he profits from it. According to the AP, Trump’s so-called university may have been little more than a very expensive networking opportunity.  Here’s what they have to say: New York’s attorney general sued Donald Trump for $40 million Saturday, saying the real estate mogul

Paula Deen scores huge win in lawsuit, but can her reputation recover?

A few months ago, we told you about a court case where celebrity chef Paula Deen was in hot water over reported racial and sexual abuse allegations against both Deen and her brother, Bubba Heirs.  Despite losing multiple endorsement deals and her job at Food Network, Paula has finally gotten a win.  Claims of race discrimination in a lawsuit filed by former employee  Lisa Jackson were addressed by U.S. District Court Judge William T. Moore Jr.  Judge Moore sided with Deen’s representation, stating that Jackson does not have the standing to sue her former employers, and at best, ”is an accidental

Delta’s reputation crashes and burns after mistreatment of disabled passenger

Airlines are not commonly known for their great customer service these days.  Often, passengers feel more like livestock than guests as they wait to board, and then are shuffled onto their flights where they’re stuffed into increasingly smaller spaces as airlines struggle to squeeze every dollar they can out of each flight.  That being said, I was still shocked to read about Why? Because the airline hadn’t provided the proper safety equipment for the passenger, and didn’t want to risk liability.  Apparently, humiliating a human being was the better choice in this situation?  Even worse, this not only happened on

Why great customer service should be your top priority

A wise woman once said “people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”  Maya Angelou may not have been talking directly about the customer service experience, but she was on to something. No matter how groundbreaking your product is, or how brilliant of an ad campaign that you come up with,  Provide a great customer experience, however?  You’ll never run out of people who want to do business with you.  Now we can tell you this over and over, but when Zendesk published this great infographic,

The top 5 reasons people hate their jobs & why the #1 reason may be you

Whether you’re the employee or the boss, this is a list you’ll be interested in taking a look at.  According to recent information from the Today show, quite a few Americans are unhappy in their current places of employment.  Nearly 70%, in fact.  Is it the field they chose, or did they just end up working for the wrong boss?  Turns out, there are a variety of reasons.  Here are the top five: 5. They’re unhappy with their pay. 4. There’s too much red tape. 3. They’re not being challenged. 2. The passion is gone. …And the number one reason?

Golden Corral serves up an all you can eat reputation disaster

Earlier this week, a video hit the front page of Reddit that showed a not-so-savory side of a Golden Corral restaurant kitchen.  I’m sure no one expects a whole lot from the kitchen of a discount buffet chain, but the series of images and YouTube videos that an employee shared show what I’m guessing are more than a few health code violations. Titled “Just an average day for a Golden Corral waitress,” the images show a filthy dish-washing area overflowing with trash and dirty dishes.  If the pictures aren’t enough to make you question whether dining at this establishment is a

Knowing your market: a critical element in your social media success

A few weeks ago, we talked about some easy steps for social media success.  We’ve gotten a lot of great feedback on that post – so much, in fact, that we wanted to elaborate a bit more on some of the steps.  Today, we’re starting at the beginning, with knowing your brand and market.   I’ve worked with many different brands in a variety of capacities within the social media space.  From Trackur customers, to business owners seeking advice for their own social profiles, to charities looking to expand their reach.    Niche markets can be quirky, with challenges including

Celebrity chef admits to using racial slurs

Until recently, Paula Deen was probably most well-known for her liberal use of butter on her widely popular Food Network show.  Things are changing for the southern chef now, however, as allegations of both racial and sexual harassment are being made public. Former employee Lisa T. Jackson’s lawsuit alleges that Deen committed acts of discrimination, racism, and even violence throughout her employment at Deen’s Savannah restaurants. Although Deen’s lawyer says that the allegations are false, Deen does admit to using the “N” word in her deposition for the lawsuit, but denies telling racial jokes: Jackson lawyer: “Miss Deen, have you