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Julia Louis-Dreyfus defends Rolling Stone’s reputation through humor

On April 8th, Rolling Stone released the cover of their next issue, which featured a naked Julia Louis-Dreyfus, with the Constitution of the United States tattooed down her back. Given that she’s currently experiencing success with her TV show Veep, it was an interesting way to represent the political aspect of her show. There was only one problem with the execution of this idea… …John Hancock didn’t sign the Constitution, he signed the Declaration of Independence. Rather a basic snafu that led to headlines such as: “Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s naked Rolling Stone cover gets an F in U.S. History. Rolling Stone‘s

How a Blog Can Aid in Better Online Reputation Management

You’re aware that social media has become a very powerful tool for Internet marketing, right? It is also very useful in managing the online reputation of your brand and business. When you realize that maintaining a good business blog can effectively help you manage your online reputation better, you’ll be sure to grab the first opportunity to get your blog in place. It is common knowledge that a brand’s reputation can be built or destroyed by the feedback people post about it anywhere on the Internet. In the same way, you can effectively enhance your online reputation management with a

The Social App Map: A Shortcut to Navigating a Complex Marketplace

Trackur was recently selected for The Social App Map project. In this guest post, author Ashley Verrill explains why she started the project and why Trackur was a social media monitoring tool worthy of inclusion. As a social media monitoring software reviewer, I talk to buyers daily. What I’ve noticed about people evaluating this category of software relative to other more veteran markets (e.g. accounting) is that they have very different ideas about what this technology actually does. This is primarily the result of there not being much standardization around how these systems are categorized. I experienced this issue firsthand while

7 Outreach Mistakes That are Killing Your Reputation

If you’re not doing outreach right, don’t bother. Instead of boosting your reputation, you’ll just wreak havoc. As Virgin founder and entrepreneur extraordinaire Richard Branson puts it: “Your brand name is only as good as your reputation.” To keep your reputation intact, you need to avoid a distinct set of low-hanging errors. Don’t walk into walls. Know the following blind spots: Photo credit: Jason V 1. Outsourcing Your Campaign Sure, it’s fine to hire a reputable firm to help manage your outreach, but take it from one who knows, you have to be VERY careful about who you choose. As the campaign

Pepto-Bismol stoops to the bowels of the twitterverse

One of the key tenets of social media is that you need to engage with your audience. A brand should do their best to appeal to the reasons why their followers followed them in the first place, encourage them to tell their story, so that others can interact and engage, thereby enhancing the sense of community. Knowing this, Pepto-Bismol decided to ask their 5k followers a simple question… The most awkward places to experience, diarrhea? Go. — Pepto-Bismol (@Pepto) October 27, 2013 Erm… yeah, you didn’t misread it, that was the question they decided to engage their users with. Has

Case Study: How to Bury a Negative Yelp Review

A negative review on Yelp can be devastating for your business if it is the first or second result that people see on Google. This happened to one of our clients, a Houston, TX law firm. The law firm was losing business fast, in spite of a “US News Best Lawyers” profile sitting at position #9 in the SERPs. Of course, it’s difficult, if not impossible, to remove a review on Yelp, even if you can prove that the review is fake or malicious. They generally only remove the reviews if you can prove they violated the terms of service.

If you don’t establish your online reputation, who will?

When you first open your business, developing your online reputation is one of the most vital activities. A positive online reputation – will be attractive to prospective clients and customers, while establishing a sense of loyalty that can carry you through an unexpected crisis. In the modern world, information about your business is just a couple clicks away. Even when you don’t realize that other people are looking, they will be. Now more than ever, you must take control of your online reputation. Whether you’re a lawyer, a doctor, a business executive or an entrepreneur, the best way to stand

Thinking of posting a fake review for your business? Read this first!

In the competitive game of online commerce, retailers need to differentiate themselves and their products. However, it’s all too common that retailers are resorting to unethical tactics that temporarily improve their online reputation. However, their efforts to beat the system often come at a high cost. Some companies praise their products through anonymous or paid reviews. Now, As traditional advertising is quickly being replaced by online reviews and rating websites, the motivation to develop a positive online reputation is higher than ever. Amazon, Yelp, Google and other review sites hold strict guidelines that prohibit compensation for consumer reviews. Still, the

6 foolproof tips to build a consistent social media presence

There are literally thousands of articles out there expressing the importance of having a social media presence in this day and age. With the mobile market absolutely exploding and social networking becoming the biggest thing to ever happen to the Internet, it’s vital that brands—especially smaller and startup brands—get involved in social media. But what’s not spoken about enough is the importance of consistency with your brand. Just because you’re getting your brand name out there often enough doesn’t mean that it’s sending a cohesive message. It might appear sporadic and sloppy from one social network to the next. So

The complete guide to protecting your online reputation by buying negative domain names

Negative domains are nothing new to the seasoned reputation manager. A quick and easy way to explain them to a C-level or business owner is something I haven’t been able to find, so I thought what better place to write one up than After all, Andy Beal wrote the book on the subject of proactively defending your brand’s reputation online. Kristine Schachinger mentions the need to buy all the domains, but what about key stakeholders or representatives in the company? What about specific products?  In the realm of public opinion, some C-levels are subject to having their personal