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For a limited time only, free Apple stuff with select Trackur plans

Last year we held a “Christmas in July” sales event and it was very popular, so we’re bringing it back for a few days. Between now and the end of July, you can get 12 months for the price of 11 on either our Premium or Ultimate plans and score the following: Premium Plan = Free iPad Air Ultimate Plan = Free iPad Air, iPad Mini, and iPod shuffle! Not only do you get one the easiest and powerful social media monitoring tools available, but you lock in a discounted price for the year AND get some cool gadgets for free!

New report reveals the star rating too low to trust local business reputations

When it comes to spreading the word about your local business’s great reputation, asking customers to recommend you is not the way to go. Your impressive Facebook Page, parallax scrolling website, and funny Instagram pics are not going to improve your online reputation without something solid to back it up. According to BrightLocal, consumers recommend local companies primarily based on whether they were reliable and professional: On the flip side, consumers researching local businesses are becoming more discerning. Compared to 2013, consumers are reading more reviews before they feel they can trust a local business: Lastly, for those of you

KLM’s World Cup tweet runs afoul of one very important reputation rule

After Delta took a beating on Twitter for its World Cup tweet, you’d think that other companies would learn from their lesson. I guess KLM was at lunch, while the rest of the world took offense, because, after the Netherlands beat Mexico in the World Cup, it posted this to Twitter: Now, I’ve said this many times before, but I’m going to type it really slow, so that it sinks in It’s not your own audience that you need worry about offending, it’s everyone else. Time and time again, we see companies that post something that I’m sure the social media

Positive, negative, & neutral percentages at a glance

While your Trackur dashboard makes it easy for you to see the sentiment of any result–positive, neutral, negative–we continually strive to make your life easier. Today, we’re adding an at-a-glance sentiment score for each of your saved searches. Now, instead of trying to figure out the overall sentiment for your saved search, you can quickly and easily see a summary. Et voila! We hope this small improvement helps you to keep an eye on the overall tone–and warn you of any dangerous shifts in sentiment.

When “Free” kittens hurt your credibility

There I was, enjoying my deviled eggs, mac & cheese, and every other type of food that probably shouldn’t be sitting out all day in warm weather, when I heard an interesting story about reputation management. Granted, Tennessee family reunions normally consist of tales of 10-point bucks that got away, summers playing in creeks, and how uncle “so and so” first met “your aunt southern belle.” When the story of reputation, credibility, and the effect of giving away something for free, came up, I was as shocked as anyone. Here’s how the story was told: When a particular family member had

Branded email alerts for Ultimate users

The Trackur team is on a roll with new feature releases. Here’s another quick update that our Ultimate plan customers will appreciate. Your email alerts will now include your logo in the heading. Just like this: Check back for more updates throughout the summer.

Pretty, downloadable reports, now just one click away!

You’ve always been able to download your Trackur results to CSV, enabling you to create pretty reports to send to your boss or clients. Today, we’re making that even easier by allowing you to directly download your Insights charts to PDF. And it looks oh so purty…   As you can see, the report includes your main summary Insights, as well as for each saved search in that Profile. We decided on this “kicthen” sink approach because we know a lot of you organize your saved searches into Profiles for clients, brands, etc. In addition, most PDF software allows you

Restoration Hardware’s 3,300 pages of catalogs get shredded by 140 character tweets

When my friend Tony sent me an email suggesting that Restoration Hardware might make a good topic for a blog post, I almost dismissed it. Gah!@RestoHardware is still at it I see. Massive paper dump on my doorstep. — Tony Spencer (@notsleepy) June 5, 2014 After all, it’s not the first time someone has received a catalog they don’t remember requesting. Fortunately, Tony included links to what others were saying on Twitter. It then became pretty clear that the company had bet big time on a mailing strategy that was backfiring–with no one from the company on Twitter to

Just in time for the weekend, negative email alerts

One of the reoccurring themes of online reputation management is that your reputation doesn’t take the weekend off. With Trackur, you can monitor your reputation using our dashboard, RSS feeds, and email alerts. Today, we’re updating our email alerts feature to be even more useful. You can now opt to receive email alerts for ALL matches to your search, or receive only those that our automated sentiment algorithm has determined to be negative. By selecting negative only email alerts, you can leave for the weekend knowing that if anything negative pops-up, you’ll get an alert direct to your mailbox. Now