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White-Labeled Social Media Monitoring Dashboard Launches

I’m excited, no thrilled, to share with you the brand new Trackur web site AND announce the launch of the industry’s most affordable white-labeled social media monitoring dashboard. We’ve revamped site and also made some usability improvements to the Trackur dashboard–which, by the way, has moved to its new location at Along with the new look, we’ve renamed all of the Trackur plans, and have added some ground-breaking features to the Trackur Ultimate plan. Here’s what’s new: Use your own domain name: You asked for it, and we’re delivering. You can now point any domain name to your

Unusual Uses for Social Media Monitoring

As more and more companies start monitoring the web, we’ll start seeing some creative uses emerge. For example, did you know that lenders and debt collectors are monitoring social media to help them track down delinquent payers and conduct credit checks? Andy Beal, the owner of Trackur, told the Pittsburg Post-Gazette that many companies–among them, credit lenders and debt collectors–are now using social media monitoring services to “match online profiles with real world identities.” The online Lending Club, for instance, scans loan applicants’ social networking profiles in addition to performing the usual credit and income checks. What this means, the

What Keywords Should You Monitor Online?

When it comes to social media monitoring, it’s easy to think that all you need monitor is your company name and perhaps the name of your CEO. However, if you take the time to really think about the keywords that are important to you, you end up with a much longer list. Thirty items to be exact! So, to help you get the most out of your social media monitoring, we’ve compiled this handy cheat-sheet of keywords you should be monitoring with Trackur. We’ve even converted it to a PDF–so you can download and share with anyone you wish. Happy

Welcome to the New Look of Trackur!

If you’re reading this, then it worked! No we didn’t build a flux capacitor and travel back in time. We did better. We improved on the already awesome web site! The new site was well overdue, but just like the cobblers kids, our shoes were the last to be repaired. Now that we’ve updated, we hope you’ll like what we’ve done with the place. The site is faster, easier to navigate, and we’ve removed a lot of the clutter that we’d collected over the years. As part of the new design, we’re launching this blog. Unlike our Trackur Tracking blog–which we’ll