There are moments when organizational challenges take a back seat and heart to heart conversations take the lead.

Moments when the business of business is put on hold to appreciate all the hard work and accomplishments made over a certain period of time. Moments when something happens to confirm your work and diligence are deeply appreciated. I’m talking meaningful connections – the type that run far deeper and last much longer than a paycheck high.

Contrary to time management myths, there is enough time for business leaders to get to know workers within their organization whose actions keep their organization performing smoothly & efficiently. In business, leaders set and change the tone in the workplace as they see fit – this also means every decision made has the power to reveal character and alter reputation. Aware or not, a leaders’ leadership style affects the way leaders are perceived. The old saying, “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” is a must in our always on, data drenched world where the most unintentional “dis” can lead to employee morale problems or a public relations scandal, complete with clicks, and viral bits.

Within every organization workers need to sense they are valued. As workers move through their day, they should know they mean more to the leaders they work with than the profits and lifestyles they make possible. The key to organizational development rest in how leaders treat their workers – the ability to actively listen to the concerns and ideas of their workers.

There are endless ways for leaders to show how much workers are appreciated inside and outside of the organization. Show workers some love this holiday season and watch your attention and appreciation spill over into better relationships and improved individual and organizational performance.

Delight Your Employees

Do something unexpected for your workers. It could be as simple as:

  • Holding employee appreciation events (e.g., weekly, monthly, quarterly).
  • Giving out organizational schwag like branded T-shirts, tote or bags with a statement linked to your mission
  • Shortening a work day
  • Hosting a festive holiday party
  • Praising those who volunteer in local communities, those who exude your organizational ethos.

It’s your call but chose creative ways to communicate to your workers how much you appreciate their work and their commitment to your organization. Good tidings and your reputation go hand in hand. This holiday season show your love to those who represent your organization while they are at work and on their own time.

How do you plan on showing your workers some love this holiday season?

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