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When “Free” kittens hurt your credibility

There I was, enjoying my deviled eggs, mac & cheese, and every other type of food that probably shouldn’t be sitting out all day in warm weather, when I heard an interesting story about reputation management. Granted, Tennessee family reunions normally consist of tales of 10-point bucks that got away, summers playing in creeks, and how uncle “so and so” first met “your aunt southern belle.” When the story of reputation, credibility, and the effect of giving away something for free, came up, I was as shocked as anyone. Here’s how the story was told: When a particular family member had

Restoration Hardware’s 3,300 pages of catalogs get shredded by 140 character tweets

When my friend Tony sent me an email suggesting that Restoration Hardware might make a good topic for a blog post, I almost dismissed it. Gah!@RestoHardware is still at it I see. Massive paper dump on my doorstep. — Tony Spencer (@notsleepy) June 5, 2014 After all, it’s not the first time someone has received a catalog they don’t remember requesting. Fortunately, Tony included links to what others were saying on Twitter. It then became pretty clear that the company had bet big time on a mailing strategy that was backfiring–with no one from the company on Twitter to

Ottawa’s embarrassing oops

There are small embarrassments, and there are embarrassments of the large, public variety.  The city of Ottawa is experiencing the latter.  In an effort to honor (honour?) local hero Jack Purcell, also known as the Stick Doctor, the city hired an artist to create a monument in a local park.  Turns out, the designer has access to Google, but missed a few steps in the fact checking process.  Instead of researching Jack Purcell, Stick Doctor from Ottawa, the artist read up on Jack Purcell, badminton champion from Ontario.  The result? A grouping of giant abstract badminton rackets that look nothing like

College professor sues former student over failing reviews online

A University of Wisconsin-Whitewater professor is disagreeing with the opinion of a former grad student.  The student thinks she’s a horrible educator, and she apparently does not. Anthony Llewellyn posted comments and videos accusing Sally Vogl-Bauer of grading unfairly, criticizing him academically, and causing him to flunk out of school after taking a communications class with the professor.  Vogl-Bauer’s attorney reports that she did ask Llewellyn to take the commentary down before filing suit, but he refused.  He says that he tried to address the issues directly with the professor months before receiving a failing grade in her class, and

Report: top brands increase reputation in 2014; Amazon, Coca-Cola & Apple lead the way

The Harris Poll 2014 RQ Summary Report–boy that’s a mouthful–is out and it provides an excellent snapshot of how we perceive the reputations of some of the most visible brands. Here are the top 60… It’s interesting that some of the names that get thrown around for their customer service excellence, don’t even crack the top 10–Kohl’s, Nordstrom, and Lexus (Toyota). And just because you see Monsanto and BP on the list, don’t make the mistake of assuming that means they have a good reputation. Their scores put them in the “Poor” range. Which industries garner the best public perception of

Find us on Facebook…if you can!

It’s now pretty much well known that brands on Facebook can expect to reach just 6% of their maximum audience. As the chart to the right highlights, the free ride is over for companies, with Facebook now hoping you’ll spend some of your precious advertising dollars to promote your posts to your followers. If you’re like us, that feels like a kick in the macadamias. After all, you can argue that without all “Find us on Facebook” promotion that brands now include with just about all other channel marketing, Facebook might not be quite as big as it is now.

Is social media more important for U.S. CEOs than their U.K. counterparts? See for yourself…

Our friend Dr. Leslie Gaines Ross pointed us to a new study from Brandfog that shows the importance of social media for CEOs. As you might expect, the study suggests… 1. Monitoring social media is an effective way to prevent potential reputation crises… 2. Is an important part of public relations… 3. Helps to increase brand awareness and establish industry thought leadership…   However, what stands out to me is that in every case, the numbers that agree with each statement are lower in the UK than they are in the US. I recall the late nineties and early 2000s

Do you know the 7 big social media trends for 2014?

There’s no doubt that social media listening is still in its infancy. The infographic below demonstrates just that, with only 24% of companies planning to include social media monitoring in their 2014 strategy. Of those that are listening, only 31% think they’re doing it effectively. (Media Mosaic, via MediaBistro)

Julia Louis-Dreyfus defends Rolling Stone’s reputation through humor

On April 8th, Rolling Stone released the cover of their next issue, which featured a naked Julia Louis-Dreyfus, with the Constitution of the United States tattooed down her back. Given that she’s currently experiencing success with her TV show Veep, it was an interesting way to represent the political aspect of her show. There was only one problem with the execution of this idea… …John Hancock didn’t sign the Constitution, he signed the Declaration of Independence. Rather a basic snafu that led to headlines such as: “Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s naked Rolling Stone cover gets an F in U.S. History. Rolling Stone‘s