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When a Reputation Clean-up Creates More Negative Buzz

When you’re asked to review the online reputation of a 3-star army general, you choose your words carefully. When that general used to be in charge of the missile defense system, and has a reputation for being “toxic,” you choose your words very carefully. I spoke with the Army Times, who asked me to look at the Google profile of Retired Lt. Gen. Patrick O’Reilly and speculate whether he had hired a reputation management firm. I told them… “It does look like a classic case of reputation management,” said Andy Beal, author of Repped: 30 Days to a Better Online Reputation.

91% of customers engage brands via social media; only 37% receive great customer service

The biggest problem for many brands is that they want to hop on the social media train, but they do a cruddy job of providing customer service to those that engage them. 2013 is littered with the reputation roadkill of companies that failed to deliver the expected experience. This infographic by The Connection highlights where companies are failing to deliver…

Join Trackur CEO Andy Beal for a chat about handling bad reviews

Unfortunately, I don’t always have the time to organize online webinars, so when the folks at QuestionPro asked me to join them for a Google Hangout on Air, I jumped at the chance. After all, they’re doing all the organizing. The HOA is titled “4 Steps to CRUSH Bad Online Reviews” and I’ll be there to give my advice on handling bad online reviews as well as to talk about my upcoming book, Repped. The Hangout will take place on January 29th at 11am PST/2pm EST. You can register at If you’re new to Google+ Hangouts on Air – all you need is a Google+

What Taekwondo can teach you about building a better reputation

A few of you may already know that I am a 2nd degree black belt in Taekwondo. Unlike some schools, where they practically hand you a new belt every month, it took me five hard years of training, under 7th degree master Ms. Peck, to earn mine. During that time, every class began with the “Tenets of Taekwondo”: Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self Control, Indomitable Spirit. It may sound trite to teach you how to be a black belt in online reputation management, but each of these tenets really do transfer over to your ORM efforts. Courtesy Being courteous is one

50% of companies are stuck in the “repair” phase of customer experience

Forrester Research is currently on a quest to get companies to focus on CX – customer experience. In its new “Predictions 2014: Customer Experience” the research company reveals that when it comes to improving customer service, reputation, and brand perception, half of all companies are focusing on the “repair” phase: In a recent survey, 50% of a group of customer experience professionals attending a conference in Los Angeles said that their companies are in the repair phase. One month later, 54% of a similar group of conference attendees in London said the same. Forrester segments companies into four distinct CX groups:  repair, elevate,

Using Social Media to Screen Job Applicants? A New Study May Make You Think Twice

As an unabashed Wolfpack fan, I already know a lot of good things come out of North Carolina State University, but now I have a reason to share them on Actively Listening! Researchers at NC State have discovered that, in two separate studies, job applicants that discovered an organization viewed their social media profile as part of the hiring process were less likely to perceive the hiring process as fair. In fact, they may even be more likely to sue the company if they believe they were unfairly overlooked for a position. “…the participants who were told that their social

How a Blog Can Aid in Better Online Reputation Management

You’re aware that social media has become a very powerful tool for Internet marketing, right? It is also very useful in managing the online reputation of your brand and business. When you realize that maintaining a good business blog can effectively help you manage your online reputation better, you’ll be sure to grab the first opportunity to get your blog in place. It is common knowledge that a brand’s reputation can be built or destroyed by the feedback people post about it anywhere on the Internet. In the same way, you can effectively enhance your online reputation management with a

The Top 10 Social Media “OMG” Moments of 2013

What were the biggest social media mishaps in 2013? Masters In Marketing has taken a crack at compiling what it believes are the ten biggest OMG moments of 2013. Coincidentally, I’m working on my own list of 2013 reputation roadkill for an upcoming keynote. I’d add Kenneth Cole, British Airways and Samsung to the list, but I agree with many listed here. What would you add to the list? (Via)