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Subscribe to the Trackur blog & you could win a Google Nexus 7 & Chromecast!

It has come to our attention that not everyone on the internet has subscribed to our blog: Actively Listening. Some of your are missing out on expert reputation management and social media monitoring advice and Trackur news. We know that this is likely an oversight on your part and I am sure you are already horrified that you’re not already subscribed. To help you save face, What are we giving away Andy? Well Andy, Trackur blog subscribers could win this lovely new Nexus 7 Android tablet! Now thinner, lighter, and faster – Nexus 7 brings you the perfect mix of

Trackur adds foreign language sentiment analysis; now with more Afrikaans (and other languages)

Afri-what-now? Yeah, I asked the same thing when discussing the new languages, added to our automated sentiment analysis, with our team. As of today, I’m only teasing about adding Afrikaans and mean no disrespect–after all, there are 7 million native speakers in South Africa, and many use Trackur. Oh, and we didn’t forget about English either. We’ve beefed up our English language sentiment scoring as well. I’d give you an idea about our accuracy percentage now, but as we all know, software companies tend to exaggerate those numbers…and only you can decide how accurate we are for YOUR search results. We’ve

Trackur provides extensive online review monitoring

More than 70,000 of you have signed up for  a Trackur account in our almost 6 years of business. During that time, we’ve worked hard to provide a complete social media monitoring tool at an affordable price. We monitor mainstream news, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, Flickr, Youtube, forums, message boards, and so much more. Online. Reviews. Sorry, it was so sweet to type that, I just had to repeat myself. This is the start of a continued process to add online reviews to our comprehensive social media monitoring. At the outset, we’re focusing on online review sites that don’t

What will you build with the Trackur API?

In case you didn’t already know, Trackur offers two flavors of social media monitoring API. Our full Monitoring API allows you to send us a keyword and then receive all media mentions for that keyword, including title, snippet, URL, sentiment and influence. With our Sentiment/Influence API, you can send us a keyword and a URL and we will analyze it and tell you how influential the source is and the sentiment score towards your keyword. With both APIs starting at less than $500 a month, they’re a great add-on for those offering news monitoring, SEO, link-building, and social CRM tools.

We’re giving away a GoPro Hero3 camera in the easiest contest you’ll enter all year!

I don’t know about you, but I hate contests that are difficult to enter. Also, I’m in love with my new GoPro Hero3 camera. What’s not to love when you can shoot amazing footage like this. So, how about we combine my love of the GoPro with my hate of difficult contests and…wait for it…create a super easy to enter Facebook contest! How easy? Just head to the Trackur Facebook Fan Page and tell us why you liked our page in the first place. Easy huh? And, it’s a double win, because not only might you be the lucky winner

Three ways we just made it even easier to try Trackur

The conversion scientists-gurus-experts are always pleading with companies to remove any barriers that could prevent someone from buying your product. Today, we just made them–and you–very happy with three updates that will make it even easier for you to try and buy Trackur’s social media monitoring tools. First, you can No need to wonder what social media monitoring features you’re missing out on. Secondly, We know many companies would love to use Trackur, but either don’t have, or don’t want, a PayPal account. Third? Yep, our free trial has no strings attached and you can test Trackur without the fear

The two customer service metrics we obsess over–and you should too!

Trackur is not a full service social media monitoring tool. We don’t assign campaign managers to hold the hands of customers and we don’t charge high prices that go along with such a service. That doesn’t stop us from being obsessed about customer service. We know, as yesterday’s chart bears witness, that great customer service goes hand in hand with a great product. You need both if you want to be considered the best at what you do. So, we keep a close eye on the customer service metrics provided to us by our help desk software Zendesk. In particular,

How is Trackur better than Google Alerts? 10 ways we’ll pump up your reputation monitoring

“How is Trackur better than Google Alerts?” That’s a question we used to get a lot–when we first launched our simple social media monitoring platform. In fact, back in 2008, we used to show a ugly handy  chart that compared the limited features of Google Alerts to the rich feature set of Trackur. Early on, we were even dubbed as being “Google Alerts on Steroids!” Fast forward 5 years and we thought we’d finished explaining just why Trackur is so much better than Google Alerts. However, with the recent griping that Google Alerts email alerts are unreliable, coupled with the

Christmas in July Trackur promotion…free Apple stuff with select plans!

This promotion is so super hot, we simply couldn’t wait til Christmas to launch it…it would melt all the snow! So, we’re announcing our own “Christmas in July” promotion and offering up some fantastic Apple products when you sign up and prepay for an annual Trackur social media monitoring plan. So what do you get? First, every annual Trackur plan is available at 12 months for the price of 11. In addition, we’re giving away some very cool Apple products with ALL annual plans: Basic Plan – Free iPod Shuffle Plus Plan – Free iPad Mini Premium Plan – Free iPad

The best alternative to Google Alerts RSS feeds is…

Trackur of course! Look, I know you probably expected me to say that, but the truth is, when I first built Trackur in 2007, my goal was to build a better alternative Google Alerts. Those that have been following us from the very beginning will remember that we even had a comparison chart showing how much better Trackur was, compared to Google Alerts. Heck, we were even dubbed “like Google Alerts on steroids!” So, with news that Google Alerts has abandoned RSS alerts–following up reports that Google’s email alerts are unreliable–I thought it a good time to remind folks that