As you may recall, we previously announced that Trackur would be looking at a strategic shift this year. The deliberation and discussions have been completed and we regret to inform our dashboard customers that we will be closing all dashboard plans on November 12th. Instead, will focus on a newly updated, faster API service that developers and SaaS companies have been relying on from us.

What does this mean for you, if you use our dashboard?

  • You can still use your Trackur dashboard now until November 12th. We may extend that a week or two, but it would be best that you assume that is the cutoff date.
  • All billing will be stopped on October 10th.
  • We are no longer accepting new dashboard customers or accommodating upgrades to existing plans.
  • Customer support will remain open until the November 12th at

What does this mean if you currently use our APIs?

  • We will be rolling out a new, improved API later this week.
  • It will be cheaper for most of our existing API customers.
  • You will have the option to migrate to the new API over the next few months.
  • The old APIs will be retired on November 12th.
  • We will share more details individually by email.

Trackur’s social media monitoring dashboard has been an industry flagship product for more than 10 years. We thank the many customers that have been with us for that long!

CEO, Trackur

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