A new study shows that Brits are increasingly turning to social media to vent their frustrations and share their complaints. That’s all well and good, unless you happen to be a patient at a Braintree GP surgery. They’ve decided to stretch the NHS zero tolerance policy to social media–meaning that your only option to complain is in writing to the practice manager:


The surgery claims they are trying to stop abusive comments and “appalling language” but the actual sign doesn’t seem to reflect that. It would have been better if they had been honest and simply claimed that they are not trained–or set up–to handle online complaints and that direct contact would results in a swifter resolution.

Since the sign went viral, the practice manager claims “It now says: ‘This ensures we can respond to people’s concerns with patient confidentiality in mind.'” Hmmm, maybe Comcast can try out that excuse too! 😉

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