Trackur expands country targeting optionsSince we rolled out country targeting for Trackur’s social media monitoring, we’ve had numerous requests to expand beyond the original 16 countries.

As of today, I am pleased to announce that we have indeed expanded our country targeting support.

How many new countries?

As many as you want.

We’ve added a new field for those that wish to target beyond the original 16 countries we offered. Simply click on the “Custom” option, under country targeting, and then enter the 2-letter country code of your choice. You can separate multiple country codes by a comma–practically giving you endless country targeting options.

Country targeting

Trackur will then only show results that we can accurately match to your chosen country–we use a 4-step process to identify the country of origin.

Please keep in mind that while Trackur has global coverage, our coverage is not as deep if you stray outside of the original 16 countries. However, we continue to expand our coverage each day.

Happy tracking!

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