While Trackur may not be technically the very first social media monitoring tool to add Google+ monitoring, we are the first to make it available at such a low price!

Yeppers, starting today, all paid plans will now have Google+ monitoring available to users. With our plans starting at just $18, we are by far one of the most affordable ways to monitor Google+.

You’ll find Google+ listed in your “Selected Sources” in your Advanced Search Options. You should find that we have activated it for all existing saved searches, so there is nothing you need to do. Should you not wish to include Google+ (which, we doubt) then simply unselect it, re-run your search, then re-save it.

We’re always looking to add valuable sources to Trackur and we think Google+ is going to be a great one. Not so great lately, has been Digg. Our users tell us they’re getting much more out of the recent addition of Reddit, so as of today, we’ve pulled Digg as a source.

If you’re not yet on one of our paid plans, today is a great day to upgrade! You’ll get the addition of Google+, Facebook, and Forums monitoring–none of which are currently available on the free plan. And, if you upgrade this week, we’ll give you a 50% rebate on your first month’s payment–for any plan. Simply contact us to let us know you’d like to take advantage of this offer (ends Friday).

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