Trackur will pump up your social media monitoring!“How is Trackur better than Google Alerts?”

That’s a question we used to get a lot–when we first launched our simple social media monitoring platform.

In fact, back in 2008, we used to show a ugly handy  chart that compared the limited features of Google Alerts to the rich feature set of Trackur. Early on, we were even dubbed as being “Google Alerts on Steroids!”

Fast forward 5 years and we thought we’d finished explaining just why Trackur is so much better than Google Alerts. However, with the recent griping that Google Alerts email alerts are unreliable, coupled with the news that you can no longer get Google Alerts in an RSS feed, we’ve seen an increase in potential Trackur customers asking why they should switch from Google Alerts to Trackur’s advanced social media tracking.

So, for those of you wondering the same thing, here’s our list of all the ways Trackur is better than Google Alerts. (Completely biased, as you would expect!)

  1. A simple, yet sophisticated social media monitoring dashboard makes it easier for you to set-up, view, and customize your alerts.
  2. Reliable RSS and email alerts.
  3. More monitored sources than Google Alerts. Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram are just a few examples of sources we monitor, that Google Alerts does not.
  4. Automated sentiment analysis so you can see which mentions are positive, negative or neutral.
  5. InfluenceRank scores so you can quickly see just how influential that blog or Twitter user is.
  6. Insights analytic charts so you can view trends and velocity of discussions.
  7. Amazing customer service! If you’ve ever tried to reach Google, you’ll know the value of this!
  8. Share items quickly and easily from within your dashboard.
  9. Bookmark items for later follow-up.
  10. Export to CSV and play with your data all day long in Excel. (warning: playing with your data all day long could lead to blindness)

Those are just some of the ways that Trackur is better than Google Alerts. Perhaps the biggest one is that we are a 5+ year old company committed to making awesome social media monitoring tools.

Lastly, we recognize that Trackur comes with a price tag. While we believe that $27 is a modest amount to pay for all of the above, we understand that there are some folks that need an alternative to Google Alerts, but need a free social media monitoring solution. With that in mind, we do offer Trackur Free. While a little more limited in features, it still offers a whole lot more than Google Alerts.

Let me see what all the fuss is about. Start my 10-day free trial now!

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