It seems the latest trend in social media monitoring is the phrase “Share of Voice.”

As we’re sometimes asked if we’d add a Share of Voice metric to Trackur, I thought I’d explain why we don’t bake it right in to Trackur’s social media monitoring dashboard.

There are two reasons really:

  1. Different people have different definitions of how to calculate Share of Voice
  2. Setting up Trackur to automatically calculate it would require a lot of extra steps by our users–and we want Trackur to remain simple to use.

That said, we understand that many of you want to be able to calculate your Share of Voice, so here’s a very simple way to track it with either our Premium or Ultimate plans.

First, create a new Profile and call it something clever, like “Share of Voice.”

In that Profile, set up saved searches for your brand and your top 4 biggest competitors. Here’s an example of one set up for the auto industry:

Next? Wait a couple of days to allow Trackur to start picking up mentions of your saved searches, then check out your Insights for that Profile. You’ll see something like this:

(As you can see, we only display the top 5 most active searches, which is why you should only compare your brand with 4 other brands.)

From there, it’s just a simple calculation to calculate your brand’s Share of Voice, versus your competitors’.

It’s that easy! 😉

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