As part of our recent redesign of Trackur’s user interface, we looked at how to make the dashboard more friendly to mobile users. Reports that this motivation came from me recently buying an iPad 3 were totally unfounded! 😉

Rather than build a separate iOS app for iPhone and iPad users, we decided instead to simply ensure that Trackur’s social media monitoring dashboard looked great on any mobile device–iOS or Android.

With that in mind, we built the UI to be responsive to the browser real estate available to the user. That said, we still wanted to give iPhone and iPad users that “app experience” so we’ve baked in a couple of features.

To set up Trackur as an iPhone or iPad app, follow these simple instructions.

Step 1

Go to in your iOS Safari browser.

Step 2

Click the bookmark/send icon and tap “Add to Home Screen”

Step 3

You’ll see that we’ve created an iOS app icon automatically. All you need to do is name your bookmark. May we suggest “Trackur?” 🙂

Step 4

Drag and drop that icon to your main display or to any folder that you wish.


Step 5

When you need to access Trackur, click on your shortcut icon and you will be taken to Trackur’s social media dashboard. However, unlike the regular browser experience, you’ll see the dashboard open in full screen mode–giving it that native app feel.

Step 6


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