With rumors constantly swirling around her, Jennifer Aniston is no stranger to the affect being in the public eye has on one’s reputation.  Most recently, she was spotted sporting a baby bump.

Much to many a gossip monger’s dismay, America’s Sweetheart is not pregnant with triplets.  She was filming a new ad for Smartwater; poking fun at many of the stories seen about the starlet in the tabloids.  In the “super secret security camera footage”, viewers watch as she yanks off a girdle to show a very pregnant belly, she removes a wig to reveal her “real” (very un-Aniston like) hair, and even give us a sneak peek into her family life -all while enjoying a refreshing bottle of water- to prove that Smartwater is “even more refreshing than the truth.”

Kudos to Ms. Aniston and Smartwater for taking some ridiculous rumors and turning them into something fun.  It is always refreshing to see someone poke fun at themselves, taking a bit of power away from their detractors.  Obviously, Aniston’s people know what the biggest rumors are out there, and were able to take them and put them together into a fun poke back at the rumors.  Jennifer Aniston and Smartwater may not have set out to give us a lesson on reputation management, but they did.  A sense of humor and a great attitude will get you far, especially if your detractors are the paparazzi!

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