Trackur is the easiest, fastest social media monitoring tool on the planet, but should you need assistance with set-up and management of your social media monitoring campaign, we’re here to help!

Fast Track Setup

$349 one time expense

  • Email or telephone support to discuss your brand, audience, strengths, weaknesses, and determine the correct keywords to monitor in Trackur.
  • A 60-minute private online training session to get you quickly up to speed with using Trackur.
  • Our team will setup your Trackur account, including: user details, saved searches, filters, etc.
  • Refine and filter results to precisely match your needs.
  • Send an initial report with initial items discovered; make any final adjustments

Managed Monitoring & Reporting

$2,997 per month for first 10,000 results

  • Includes subscription to our Trackur Premium plan
  • Daily check all new results for your monitored keywords
  • Manually mark the sentiment for each result (positive, negative, neutral) or mark as spam
  • Highlight any discovered item that requires your immediate review
  • Edit and adjust monitoring to adapt to your changing needs
  • Prepare reports in Excel format for easy review
  • Send reports daily, weekly, or per your needs
  • Full support by our skilled online reputation monitoring staff
If you are interested in either of the above services, please complete the form below. We regret that due to demand, we have limited availability.

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