Trust me when I tell you that I wanted to add a bunch of exclamation points to this post’s title.

After 6 months of tremendous effort and hard work by the Trackur team, we can finally take the lid off the brand new social media monitoring dashboard.

The new user interface (UI) has just gone live, and if the reports from our early beta testers are anything to go by, you’re going to absolutely love it!

First, let’s take a look at it…


No bad, huh?

We’re employing the very latest HTML5 and CSS3 standards to bring you the fastest, most fluid, and most useable social media monitoring dashboard in the world!*

While maintaining the same simplicity and speed that we’ve always offered with Trackur, we’re also excited about:

  • Trackur is now completely mobile friendly. As an avid iPad and iPhone user, I wanted Trackur to work natively on mobile devices and tablets. The new UI is responsive to your screen, so adapts to the screen real estate you have available to you.
  • We’ve also tried to cut down on the annoyances of switching between screens. For example, our InfluenceRank metrics and data now load immediately below the result you are looking at–no need to go back and forth between screens.
  • The new Trackur dashboard is now even better for our white-labeling customers using our Ultimate plan. No more stark contrasts in color. You keep your logo and color scheme, without straining your eyes!
  • We’re using the very latest HTML5 and CSS3 standards to push the envelope. Now that all modern browsers are synching up in capabilities, we’ve been able to add a lot more “sexy” to Trackur.

Of course, by using the latest in web standards, it does mean we have to say goodbye to old browsers. As we have previously warned, the new Trackur UI will no longer support IE8 or older browsers. Now, we know that for some of you, you are unable to update your browser to the latest version. We’re not leaving you completely up the creek without a paddle. As of today, you can access to the previous UI by heading to While we won’t be maintaining or updating the old interface (so it could break at any time) we will be leaving it active for at least 3 months–so you have plenty of time to switch.

This brand new UI is just our way of saying thank you for making Trackur one of the most popular social media monitoring dashboards on the web.

* yeah, we did just make that claim! 😉

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