If you thought we were excited about our last big update, wait til you see how dizzy were are about the launch of Trackur 2.0.

(Side note: We think calling things “2.0” is actually lame. We started using it internally as a joke, but hey, it does capture the essence of the massive improvements we’ve made to Trackur)

So what are we announcing today?

Let’s start with the one feature you’ve all been asking for: Facebook monitoring!

Yes, Trackur now monitors all public status updates from Facebook–and in realtime too! While testing it internally, we found new items showing up just 35 seconds after they were posted to Facebook. That is fast!

The other big improvement we’ve made is to our analytics. You can now view Influence Rank scores for all web pages, right in the main dashboard. You no longer have to click through to see how influential a web site is on your reputation, Trackur shows you directly within the results!

Also, we’ve improved our Influence Rank measuring so that it now works with Twitter results! Yep, you can now get accurate rankings of the people tweeting your brand–all thanks to our new partnership with Klout.

OK, deep breath. There’s more!

We’re brought in more info about each web page and blog discovered. Traffic trends, contact info, and information about any news site discussing your brand.

Oh, and let’s not forget that we’ve revamped the entire user-interface. It’s faster, prettier, and just plain fun to work with!

There’s so much more but that’s the bulk of the improvements we’ve made to Trackur. Perhaps the one you won’t see, but will enjoy the most, is that Trackur is using HTML5 and CSS3 and a whole bunch of other cutting-edge technologies that make it faster and more stable.

Now, one small caveat. With a launch as HUGE as this one. You may find a bug or two. We’ve tried to find them all, but we have such a small team and there’s 25K+ of you! So, if you find one, please let us know on our new Help & Support site.

As always, thank you for using Trackur!


P.S. Yes, pricing will stay the same! Consider it Christmas in July August! 🙂

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