Simply put, reputable organizations want to maintain an unblemished reputation. Most professionals and organizations do their best to stay far away from situations they fear might harm how they’re perceived by the people they work with and the people they serve. It’s no surprise that most organizations will do everything within their power to safeguard the good reputation they’ve worked so hard to build.

We know that we are not perfect beings.  We understand that it is very possible that somewhere in the past,  a secret or two may have been tucked away because you were afraid of how it might alter your works or the way others perceive you.

When a singular, spectacular secret spreads its wings,

sterling reputations begin hemorrhaging –

and only time will tell if the bleeding can be stopped.

all deals are off when unspoken truths surfaces.

Secrets Reveal

When a secret enters a room, it has a way of making other concerns fall away. Secrets – seven little letters that have the power to turn everything you’ve worked for and worked toward on its head. When revealed… secrets…have a way of snatching your legs out from under you – knocking you flat – on – your – back. You are left senseless, dazed and completely defenseless to attacks from competitors and anyone else who wants to dance around the fires of your devastation.

Secrets contaminate the internal and external working environment of organizations by clouding the minds of everyone that comes in touch with them. It causes people to question authority and everything they have done and everything they will do going forward. The result is not good for the organizational climate, professional  & personal relationships or for business. Still, things can get exponentially worse if this secret finds a home on the internet.

Online Secrets

Once a secret is revealed online you must shift your attentions, roll up your sleeves and start working to get a handle  on the situation quickly before more damage is done due to wonders of online amplification. If you are not currently monitoring what is said online, you can begin tracking what is said online by using a social media monitoring tool that makes it simple and hassle free to track what is said or shared online. Lean on online reputation monitoring tools to help you gather insights and weather reputation storms. When used well, they will help you get back on track.

Take these 7 steps to turn the situation around:

  1. Assess the situation as it is and not as you want it to be.
  2. Gather all details – research, research, research.
  3. Track what’s being said online and know what sources are influencing the conversation.
  4. Note your sources, offline and online.
  5. Manage your emotions along the way.
  6. Frame the conversation in your favor. Don’t let the story take on a life of its own. Step in, adapt and redirect the conversation as needed.
  7. Express your intention to be secret free and to become transparent going forward.

Scandals Come & Scandals Go

When a scandal erupts offline and then spreads online (or vice versa)  it can easily get out control. In the end, an omission or telling a little white lie can cause irreparable damage – far more damage than if the secrets were dealt with or the truth was presented “as is”  and addressed head on.  How you respond will determine how long this scandal–this secret–will be a centerpiece in your life.

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