Sometimes who you are and how others perceive you are two completely different things.

This reality- perception disconnect happens more often than not. It’s easy to believe that you present yourself in a pur-fectly non-threatening way while others perceive you as a roaring, ferocious threat. As difficult as this may be for some to accept or manage – all organizations, brands and professionals will come face to face with this truth.

Being viewed as a threat (for business purposes) is often considered to be an advantageous position, especially when the organization (professional) is one of many players in highly competitive marketplace. On the other hand, the fear which accompanies this perceived threat can work against an organization (professional), undoing or tainting organizational (professional) mind share.

Optimism, Pessimism & Reputation

Imagine you have a glass in front of you filled mid-way with water.  What do you see? A glass half full? A glass half empty?


Optimists see a glass that is half full (closer to full) while pessimist see a glass that is half empty (closer to empty). Knowing whether you tend to view issues through an optimistic lens or a pessimistic lens will help you better understand how easy it is to be perceived correctly or incorrectly by others.  Matters become more challenging when you consider, there will be times when there isn’t a glassno framework available for others to gauge your character or get to know you better. These are moments in time when perceptions can be way off or significantly damage your reputation.

Perceptions & Reputation

Perceptions, favorable & unfavorable, continuously attempt to attach themselves to your reputation. Some perceptions stick and other perceptions fall away.  If you are attentive and responsive you will notice when a window of opportunity opens up, allowing you to shift gears as necessary and turn things around in your favor.

Handle Perceptions with Care

Perceptions can be sticky, prickly and tricky to manage. Abraham Lincoln once said this insightful truth:

“Those who look for the bad in people will surely find it.”

It has been said that perception exists between the known and the unknown. The truth of the matter is perceptions exist…everywhere, all the time. How you and your organization handles the perceptions that embrace or invade your digital, personal and professional worlds will aid you to shape the favorable reputation you seek. This is one of the main reasons why feedback and open dialogue are so vital for organizational and individual health, progress and longevity.

Perceptions & Reality

Remember, when it comes to business, perceptions may not always ring true…but your reputation is always important in business and in personal matters. Get Trackur and know what is said about you, your organization (business), brand(s) and those issues that matter most to you.

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