Mobile reputation management

Did you know that 3 out of 4 smartphone users have used the mobile browsers on their smartphones to connect with businesses online?

Well, it’s true!

Just look around you at any given time, as you go about your day and count the number of people preoccupied with their smartphone. Today’s smartphones are much, much more than the cell phones of yesterday and the technologies that make the mobile experience so addictive are becoming more advanced.

Mobile is where your business needs to be.

Every business should be online because that’s where customers and potential customers spend their time. Consumers are constantly searching for information, leaving reviews or sending some other form of digital communication from their smartphones and developers are constantly innovating. With advancements in smartphone innovation showing no sign of slowing down, and smartphone users craving to get their hands on the next best mobile device, businesses have to keep up with best practices to give their business an edge over competition.

Stay Open  

If you want your business to stay open and remain relevant, it’s important to understand how current and future customers use all things digital. This means you should have an idea of how your customers use their mobile devices and pay close attention to digital trends. An easy way to get a feel for this is to pay attention to how you, family and peers use mobile devices as new innovations alter the way you use smartphone and other mobile devices. Does your mobile norms shift? What new mobile habits do you develop? What mobile habits do you retire?

On The Go

Pew_Internet_Mobile_Phone_ActivitiesWe live in an on the go world. What do you use your smartphone for?

  • Text messaging
  • Internet browsing
  • Emailing
  • Gaming
  • Social Networking
  • Navigation (e.g., Maps)
  • Video Watching
  • Tweeting
  • Apps
  • Calling

Pew Internet’s November 2012 report found that 85% of American adults own a mobile phones and use their mobile devices for far more than making and receiving phone calls.

Reputation Takeaways

Businesses can no longer look at equipping employees with smartphones as a luxury. Smartphones are necessity, a must-have for profit and not for profit organizations large and small. Decision makers have to understand that if they want to compete in these real-time, always on times, they must equip their employees with the appropriate mobile devices to be able to compete.

A reputation is no longer simply at the mercy of information that travels by word of mouth. Taking care of your reputation is critical–especially now that smartphones are being used to exchange information in real-time. I’m sure you don’t want to set your business up for failure. I encourage you to carve out your own presence online, use social media monitoring  and know how smartphones and other mobile devices are being used.

How does your business leverage smartphones?

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