CrisisShield: Complimentary Reputation Management Insurance


CrisisShield Online Reputation InsuranceWith select Trackur online reputation monitoring plans we include our exclusive CrisisShield reputation management insurance at no extra charge.

With CrisisShield you can sleep easy at night knowing that, should your company’s reputation come under attack, Trackur will work hard to restore your good name. Trackur is the only social media monitoring company to offer this valuable reputation insurance coverage free of charge.

With CrisisShield’s reputation insurance,  should your company face an online reputation crisis that threatens your reputation, you’ll receive:

  • Up to two hours of online reputation management & crisis response consulting from Search Mojo.
    • Additional hours charged at a discount on the normal hourly rate.
  • Up to two hours of legal counsel from Threshold Counsel.
    • Advocacy on your behalf, and additional hours beyond initial assessment and counseling charged at a discount on the normal hourly rate
  • Up to two hours of managed monitoring advice and Trackur dashboard optimization from Trackur.
  • A 25% discount off your existing Trackur plan (or higher) during the reputation crisis (up to 6 months).
  • A copy of the critically acclaimed book Radically Transparent: Monitoring & Managing Reputations Online.

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 Terms & Conditions

CrisisShield is a level of complimentary protection and assistance offered to selected Trackur customers. We understand the economic impact that online reputation problems can have on your business. Trackur and our trusted partners are ready to assist.

For no additional cost beyond your Trackur subscription, we will review and assess your company’s reputation problem, and suggest both online messaging remedies and a legal response. Trackur and our partners at Search Mojo and Threshold Counsel will take the information from your claim form, review the online attacks, and respond to you by your chosen method of contact shown in your claim form (either telephone or email). We will all advise you regarding the most effective responses and problem-solving strategies.

Per the terms above, Trackur, Search Mojo and Threshold Counsel will each make a detailed assessment of your situation and advise you regarding an effective response. This analysis and advice will arm you with a detailed playbook to respond to the reputation attacks that are harming your business. Because a meaningful counter-content campaign by Search Mojo and advocacy efforts to third parties by Threshold Counsel will go beyond the two service hours included in the CrisisShield coverage, these two Trackur partners will also give you a budget and timeframe should you wish to engage them to execute the planned response and countermeasures for you.

We are proud to offer this unprecedented customer benefit, and we plan to keep it going for a long time. At the same time, because it is a new program, Trackur and our partners reserve the right to end the program if need be, upon notice to our participating customers. If you have any questions about CrisisShield, including about a claim you have submitted, please contact us at

CrisisShield is included for customers that have been enrolled in Trackur’s Premium or Ultimate plans for at least 45 days, and is limited to corporate and business reputation matters. It does not apply to personal or individual reputation issues. Should your company’s reputation come under attack while a Trackur customer, CrisisShield will help you stabilize the crisis and restore your reputation.

After the initial two hours of consultation and planning, Trackur, Search Mojo and Threshold Counsel reserve the right to refuse additional paid consultations for any reason.

Only one claim may be made per 12 month period, and Trackur reserves the right to refuse CrisisShield insurance for any customer by written notice within 10 days of customer’s enrollment in a Trackur Premium or Ultimate plan.

In order to be covered, each claim must meet the following criteria:
The Trackur customer’s online reputation comes under attack from any news site, blog, or forum with a Trackur InfluenceRank of 30/100 or more, or from a Twitter user with an InfluenceRank of 30/100 or more. The CrisisShield claim must be filed within 7 days of the news article, blog post, forum thread, or tweet.

All claims must be made in writing, via the claim form provided.

Trackur, Search Mojo, and Threshold Counsel will assist and advise you for each CrisisShield claim that complies with the terms of the CrisisShield program. None of them warrant any specific result from our assistance. Each case, each attack, each site or social platform, and each commenter is different, and therefore results will vary.

If you wish to file a claim, please use the CrisisShield reputation insurance claim form.