Like links in a chain, we are stronger together.

Sometimes, as we pursue our individual ambitions, this fact is overlooked. Yet, we know this to be true because we see it play out in our daily lives, even if we don’t pause long enough to take notice.


Collaborating is an art form… an often undervalued skill that transforms and amplifies whatever you happen to be working toward. The willingness to work with others, without praise or recognition, is a selfless act which confirms to those around you, what you are (really) made of. Despite what you tell yourself, or how you present yourself to others, how you are viewed by others matter, especially in business and community development.

Understanding collaboration is key for professionals and for all types of (private, public, big, small, etc.) organizations. So, let’s pause to reflect on collaboration for a few minutes.

How do you collaborate with others, as you move through your day?  

True, the answers to this question are diverse, but if you go straight to the heart of the matter, you’ll notice the opportunities to work with peers, colleagues, family are countless.

Hellen Keller spoke of collaboration once saying:

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

This concise statement is absolutely true. Working together amplifies your focus. If what you‘re focusing on is perceived as a positive goal, then chances are your reputation will benefit significantly from your works. If you lean in the negative direction, and place your attentions on achieving a desired outcome in a negative way, your reputation will likely be tainted by the pursuit. This is a reputation risk you may not wish to take. We live in a hyper connected, always on world that preserves and magnifies information in real-time. When a business or professional doesn’t have a healthy respect for this fact, their reputation and their livelihood could suffer.

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