Your company’s branded keywords can be a meaningful source of traffic and good rankings if you utilize them effectively. Branded keywords are those words or phrases that are associated with your specific brand–your reputation.

Your continual use of them on your website, blog posts, and social media pages renders them highly valuable for your search engine rankings and PPC marketing campaigns. Harness the power of your branded keywords to improve your online marketing efforts and shore up your rankings.

Benefits to Your Campaign

Adding branded keywords to your campaign can double their impact; You already receive traffic from them organically, and now is the time to assertively use them in your campaign to maximize their potential.

These efforts will work to benefit your search rankings by increasing your credibility and brand perception. “Click through rates increase for terms where you have both an organic (SEO) and paid (PPC) presence,” explains, so they have a lot of potential for positively affecting your campaign.

  • Your campaign benefits through the increased credibility offered by having your brand show up in multiple places in a search. Increased credibility means greater authority on the web.
  • Your campaign gets more impressions through your branded keywords by showing up in multiple places in a search.

Placement Tips

Your branded keywords function best when they’re distributed throughout your online campaign and have the budget behind them to push them to the top of search rankings. Luna Metrics suggests the following strategies for incorporating your branded keywords into your campaign:

  • Brand yourself for your customers by using the right verbiage to associate yourself with your keywords.
  • Increase the budget for your CPC to keep your branded ads front and center and easy for your customer to associate with your brand.
  • Divide your keywords into different campaigns to make sure they get the most face time.

Bidding Pros and Cons

Bidding on your branded keywords might bring you increased traffic, or you could end up paying for clicks on specific keywords that you were going to get anyway. Your branded keywords are hyper-specific to your brand, so there’s a chance that anyone searching those terms already knows that your business is the one they want.

  • Avoid bidding on your branded keywords if you’re already getting a considerable, steady volume of organic traffic. Bidding is unlikely to change that rate, so spend your money promoting your unbranded keywords instead.
  • Know your budget, and make sure it can handle the number of clicks resulting from your bids on your branded keywords.

Branded keywords are often taken for granted because they generate so much traffic organically. However, knowing how to put your branded keywords to work can greatly benefit your PPC campaign and search rankings. Examine your branded terms to find out how they can help you maximize your profit.

Megan Webb-Morgan is a web content writer for B2B lead generation resource, www.Resource She writes about small business, focusing on topics such as holiday business marketing.

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