They say… some things are better left unsaid – yet, you wouldn’t know this cautionary reminder was still relevant given the growing volume and tone of conversations taking place online. Every day you see more people express their concern, support, or disgust on the social web without realizing that by flexing their digital freedoms without thought or care, they are setting themselves up for a massive, future fall.

It is really easy to spend time and share your point of view online but this ease of use does not diminish your accountability. If anything, it actually increases your responsibility because you are choosing to be visible online. Every time you actively participate in conversations or send digital communications via the internet, you leave long-lasting digital impressions behind. So, whether you’ve been blinded by the allure of getting attention or you just don’t want to see it, ignoring the massive elephant in the room won’t help you take care of your reputation or move forward.

She’s a real big deal – and she can crush your reputation with one swift stomp. Acknowledge her, or else.

Online Behavior

Your behavior online, good and especially bad shows people how you approach solving problems, how you handle stress and how sensitive or insensitive you are. Becoming too comfortable sharing online is akin to driving while intoxicated or texting while driving.

Don’t share without care.

Letting others know what you like or dislike is becoming our next great past time – the new digital sport, if you will. The best athletes in the world understand and respect their sport enough to invest ample time conditioning themselves to excel safely. This is exactly what anyone wanting to thrive online and preserve their credibility must do – understand, respect and condition ourselves to safely share and excel online.

There are so many ways to share your perspective online. Soooo many ways to say something inappropriate. Think about for a few minutes. Have you given your feedback via these online pathways lately?

•           blog comments

•           product reviews

•           customer testimonials

•           research surveys

•           mobile app reviews

•           charitable donations

•           political advocacy

When was the last time you took the time to write either in favor or against a product, person or brand? How many times do you do this daily? Weekly? These are just a few of the key ways you can show others online what has captured your attention. You may be shocked to learn just how much you engage in online conversations, but remember you can chose to share with care.

The internet is your track and field. Run your race with respect and determination and pass the baton with care.

Are you monitoring the reaction to your social media feedback?

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