An omission of information.

A little white lie.

Whatever form it takes, no matter what it’s called, at the end of the day, a lie is a lie, is a lie.

The little white lie or omission of information will eventually grow larger and impossible to hide. No coat of sugar can sweeten away or cover up the bad taste left behind when a professional lies. Ask the BP executives caught up in the lies told surrounding the Gulf Coast Oil Disaster. BP’s reputation will face a new
round of reputation blows as a result of this revelation.

Instead of investing time into deceiving others and managing the stress that comes along with it, tell the truth from the start, no matter how much discomfort it brings. It will alleviate the mangled mess that results from trying to cover up a lie and removes all the work associated with trying to keep the truth from surfacing. Lying only delays or suppresses the truth for a while but eventually the truth is revealed. No way around it. The truth will be revealed…eventually.

Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management (ORM) enables you to discretely become the proverbial fly on the wall. ORM is a way to keep your ear perked up to listen for the bits and pieces of information buzzing around the Web–that over time show a completely different picture than the one you were intended to show online. ORM enables you to know and not guess about what is being said. The real-time competitive insights provided by ORM is unmatched by any other means.

Trackur’s social media monitoring tools provide a simple way to gather information about your online reputation, competitors, and provides a way to listen to whatever conversations are happening online. In the digital age, deception, or the digital poker face doesn’t work in your favor. It doesn’t matter how you try to conceal or change it, a lie is and forever will be exactly what it is…a ticking time bomb…which will blow your reputation to little digital bits.

Truth Works

Remember there’s no way to sugar coat a lie. No way to shrink or hide from the things you do or say online. They all have a way of sneaking up behind you and knocking your reputation down. It’s best to be mindful of everything you do, tell the truth and you won’t have to worry about being stalked by the lies told on the Web and your reputation won’t be continuously attacked by droves of upset digital consumers.

How else can lies and truth be handled online?

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