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Today, we announce the launch of Trackur Insights–analytics and insights that will allow users to quickly see the most important activity in their social media monitoring dashboard. After 3.5 years of providing simple, affordable, and accurate social media monitoring, we believe we’ve found the right formula for adding charts and graphs that will actually help you–as opposed to useless eye-candy that just costs you more.

There’s a lot being launched, so let’s start with the main Trackur Insights executive summary.

Executive Insights

New Results – this one is pretty self-explanatory. We’ll show you how many total new results you have across all the saved searches in that profile.

Results Velocity – it’s one thing to know how many new results you have, but how does that compare to the day before? Results Velocity shows you the percentage increase, or decrease, in new results compared to the previous 24 hours.

Results Sources – just where are all those new mentions coming from? This nifty pie-chart shows you your share of voice across the different channels we are monitoring.

Most Active Searches – easily see which of your saved searches has the most new results. Then see how many new results each has and the breakdown of the top 3 sources.

Most Velocity Change – which of your saved searches has changed the most? Here we show you the saved searches with the most percentage change in the past 24 hours. This shows both increases and decreases, so you can see what’s hot and what’s not.

Discovered Keywords – what keywords has Trackur discovered are the most common among your existing saved searches? This nifty tag-cloud is great for discovering new keywords/brands that you should be monitoring. Click on any of the keywords and Trackur will immediately run a new search for you.

Trending Charts – We’re already showing you the top 5 most active searches, but with this line chart, you can quickly see the results trend for the past 7 days.

Sweet huh? We’re not done yet! Let’s take a look at the new insights for each individual search.

Single Search Insights

New Results & Velocity – how many new results does your saved search have? Quickly see not only how many new discussions there have been in the past 24 hours, but we’ll indicate whether that velocity is up or down by showing you the corresponding velocity arrow.

Results Sources – this handy pie-chart will quickly show you which source is generating the most discussions for your saved search.

Trending Chart – what’s the overall trend for new results over the past 7 days? This chart will quickly show you that key data.

There’s a reason we’re labeling this launch as Trackur Three Dot OMG. While our competitors have been quick to justify their higher price tags because of their analytics, they’re now quaking in their boots. You see, with this launch, we’re announcing no new price increases. Yes, you heard us! Pricing is not increasing with this launch. Trackur Insights will be available on our Plus, Premium, and Ultimate plans at no extra charge. Why no charts for the Basic plan? Trackur Insights works best for those users that have multiple saved searches and need help seeing what’s moving and shaking. Our Basic plan allows just 5 saved searches, so the charts would look somewhat empty at times. Never fear, our Plus plan includes Trackur Insights and is just $88 a month!

We hope you’re as excited about this launch as we are. We’ve listened to your feedback and think we’ve delivered the kind of analytics you need to get the most out of your Trackur plan. However, we’re not done with Trackur Insights. Tell us what new charts, features, or tools you would like to see added to Trackur Insights. You can leave your suggestions here.

Thanks, and stay classy Trackur fans! 😉


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