I know I tend to get excited about all of Trackur’s updates, but this one is pretty sweet–especially if you are a software developer.

After building and using our own automated sentiment analysis algorithm, we’ve decided to make it available for anyone else that’s in need of an affordable solution. So, today we are announcing the new Trackur API for sentiment analysis and influence scores.

First, some background. We had looked at a number of third-party sentiment API vendors, but they all fell into two categories:

  • They sucked–some were really bad and couldn’t calculate sentiment with any degree of accuracy.
  • They were super expensive–thousands of dollars per month just to get started.

So, we said, “screw it! Let’s just build our own automated sentiment analysis algo.” So we did.

Then, we said, “hey, let’s share this as an affordable API for anyone else that needs it!”

And so, today we’re offering our automated sentiment analysis combined with our influence metric we call InfluenceRank. Yep, give us any URL, your keyword of interest, and we’ll tell you the sentiment of the document and how influential it is. And, it doesn’t have to be a news item–it can be any URL!

The new Trackur Sentiment & Influence API is available today and is perfect for any software developer that wants to add sentiment and influence to their existing software, dashboard, or service.

Interested? Contact us for further details and pricing.

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