Using Twitter to build your company’s reputation and loyal community needn’t be rocket science. While some “gurus” may lead you to think that you need a doctorate in psychology, around 90% of your effort should be focussed on just three simple tactics.

Saying thanks on Twitter1. Thank people – how hard is that? Apparently, insanely, because very few brands take the time to thank people that say nice things about their brand. Seriously people, if someone tweets that they like your company, recommends you to someone else, or just generally gushes about your products, thank them! We’re all busy, but how hard is it to simply reply to that person with a “thanks.” People want to know that you appreciate their kind words. They want to feel like their tweet is appreciated. And, they subconsciously desire positive reinforcement to do it again. So, say “thank you” a lot!

Retweet people2. Retweet people – this should go hand in hand with saying thanks, but it has an added benefit. If someone takes the time to write a blog post, post an image, or simply links to something you’ve shared, then tweet it, go ahead an retweet them. As a customer, nothing is more frustrating than publishing something positive about a company and then tweeting it in to an apparent vacuum. If you are monitoring your brand mentions on Twitter–*cough* Trackur *cough*–then you should see whenever someone mentions you in a tweet, or if their tweet includes a link to your web site. RETWEET THEM! Not only does it let them know that you appreciate them, but it shows your other Twitter followers that people are saying awesome things about you. A win-win for your Twitter reputation!

Twitter Sharing3. Educate people – let’s just assume that you are already tweeting your own blog posts and promotions to your audience, but how about putting down the shill-pipe for a bit and share something that doesn’t benefit your brand, but still benefits your Twitter followers? Tweet interesting articles, share entertaining videos, retweet other people’s blog posts. The key is to show that you care as much about building up the knowledge of your Twitter followers as much as you care about pimping your brand to them. Those that share valuable content–regardless of whether they authored it or not–create tremendous value and either keep customers or attract new ones.

So, there you go. It’s not “brain science.” While the above doesn’t give you permission to slack off from your other Twitter activities, following these three simple steps will improve your Twitter reputation almost overnight!

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