senfluence-launchOver the past few months we have been hard at work revamping our Senfluence Full Media Monitoring API. Not only have we improved all of our back-end crawling and parsing, we added new features and greatly simplified the API structure. Here are the highlights:

  • Request caching – Requests for the same information within a 30 second period are set to be cached, allowing instant retrieval of unchanged result lists.
  • More filters – Results can now be filtered by sentiment and/or country.
  • No forced request structure – Gone is the preset /api_key/keyword/limit/offset/etc/etc/etc/ format, which caused numerous issues for filtering by source when you didn’t want to change the number of results, and other similar issues.

Users of V1 may switch at any time. The old version will continue to work but no new features will be added and over time will be deprecated. The price for the new API is exactly the same.

We’ve also improved the Custom Feeds option for those on our Premium and Ultimate dashboard plans. Before, you could only provide an RSS/XML feed as a custom feed–with Trackur checking for new feed entries that matched your saved search. We have now improved our Custom Feeds so that you may also provide us with any URL to an HTML page and we will check for any changes to that page which include your saved search. This is especially helpful for monitoring review pages etc.

We hope you find the new updates valuable. Please let us know below if you have any questions or suggestion for other new features.

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