…the right thing!

We’re just as quick as anyone to point out where airlines screw up their reputation (or solidify it, depending on your point of view) so we’re delighted to report that United Airlines has done something wonderful!

A computer glitch human error resulted in a windfall for fliers:

The glitch in the system appeared to offer $0 fares plus $5 in tax for many domestic flights, and was apparently caused by human error. Some forum readers reported finding $10 flights between Washington DC and Hawaii, while others scooped up over a dozen tickets to destinations all over the country.

At this point, the odds are good that United Airlines would not honor the pricing–and, to be honest, most customers wouldn’t actually expect them to do so. However, United Airlines did something remarkable…

 United Airlines

See, airlines are capable of doing the right thing–and using social media to spread good news for a change! 😉

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